Monday, November 4, 2013

And the winners are...

Moonlup! - You have won Ursula!
Bethany! - You get Scar
Dana! - You get the Evil Queen
Charissa! - You get Hook!

Send me your mailing addresses at so I can slowly, but surely, get those out to you.

Thanks so much for playing you guys, loved reading about your favorite villains and candies or treats :)

We had an awesome Halloween and got to actually hand out candy this year, we always lived in apartments and never got trick or treaters before.

Andrei and Cyber took care of greeting the neighborhood kids:

Cyber was a big hit and everybody loved his bat costume. He is just too cute for words and loves people, so he played the perfect part.

I have a ton of doodles I need to post and I am about to begin a project, have you guys seen doll repaints? It is when people buy off-the shelf toys/dolls/action figures, remove the factory paint and re-paint them to look more like the actual on-screen characters.

I have been obsessing with the process for the longest time, and decided to buy the dolls for the princesses on the upcoming Disney movie, Frozen and try my hand at the whole thing.

I will document my process and share it with you guys, hopefully I won't mess them up because they are super cute. Wish me luck!!!


Dana Strotheide said...

Cyber is sooooo cute! Love him! And Yay! Evil Queen! :)

Jan said...

Oh my gosh that was the cutest bat outfit. And I only have a laptop, so I couldn't be for sure on my screen, but is that your cat at the bottom left corner helping out as well? Good luck with the repaints!