Sunday, April 28, 2013

Doodle 270 - Movement

Wow... I am exhausted, but so very happy.
This morning we took off to St Augustine, I received a tip about a Shiba Inu who needed a home and family via SIRF (the Shiba Inu Rescue of Florida).

It has been a dream of mine to own a dog for some time, and a Shiba Inu at that. I didn't want to go through a breeder just yet, because I know there are wonderful pups just waiting for a chance to find a family. 

When I found SIRF I was excited, Kathy, the wonderful lady that puts all her effort on it, truly loves the breed and the individual dogs, so when she pointed "Bob" to me as a possible match we just decided to go on ahead and check him out.

I won't lie, I went ahead and bought a leash and collar Friday, hoping he was the one pup we had been waiting for. Well, he was!

Shibas are not an easy breed, they are stubborn, cunning and demand a very strong alpha in order to follow instruction... in some ways their personality types reminded me of Andrei lol, so we know what we were getting into, but then "Bob" came along.

He has the face of a dog drawn to be on an anime, the sweetest beady eyes and a combo of laid back/energetic disposition that I find perfect for us. Also, he has some training (he sits beautifully, answers when called, walks well on a leash and isn't mouthy at all, also he hasn't barked one single time and he has had plenty of reasons to so far).

All in all, today at least, he has been a dream of a Shiba Inu, we will see how he gets on as he figures us out and vice versa.

The cats? Well they are as miffed as they could be, but they are already slowly starting to deal with the new addition and there hasn't been much drama, overall because "Bob" pays them little to no attention.

So, there it is, we have a new member in the family and he is as cute as could be... also Andrei changed the dog's name from "Bob" to Cyber... don't ask me why, all I know is that Cyber likes it and actually responds, he didn't seem to enjoy "Bob".

Here are a some photos:

And then today's doodles:


Jennifer said...

Oh what a pretty boy! Congrats on your newest addition!

Mrsblocko said...

He is just the cutest thing ever. I just want to nuzzle and cuddle him to pieces!

Laura P. said...

Oh gosh he's adorable! What a cutie! Congrats on the new family member.

LeAnn Woodward said...

YEAH! He is adorable! Congrats! :)

We have a siberian husky and they are also a handful! They say that they are independent thinkers. That just means they wont listen ever! haha!

Have fun with your newest family member! <3!

Brooke said...

Cyber is a much better name for Bob. =)

He sounds like a wonderful dog! And he's beautiful! I love smart independent thinking dogs - my husband and I have a Jack Russell Terrier.