Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doodle 268 - The Wolverine Poster Crisis

Today, as I did my routine geeky blog browsing I bumped into this story on the Mary Sue blog about how "Movie-loving thieves are stealing a particular The Wolverine poster in droves."

In particular, this one poster:

I didn't draw this! NOT MINE!

I can see why fans would swipe them, it is pretty awesome. The story caught my attention because of two reasons:

1- I am a mild comic book nerd (most of my knowledge comes from Andrei's freakish memory of every comic book he has ever read ... and he has read plenty and movies, hey I am an Otaku, it was either comics or manga, I am not made out of money and I have a thing for dark brooding bishonen).

2- I am a graphic design nerd, so I pay more attention to movie posters than the average bear.

As a seasoned graphic designer who has seen her work on both TV and film screens I can tell you, having people stealing your posters to the point of it becoming a problem is both elating and flattering (ok so it can be annoying too, but the elation totally trumps the annoyance).

I was so impressed by this story I had to come up with my own homage... I had been watching videos of sloths on youtube again and one thing led to another...

There, I fixed it

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