Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doodle 238 - Mermaid Bonnet

Tomorrow Andrei starts his new job. I'm both excited and proud, he is an excellent worker and always amazes me with his expertise, determination and incredible work ethic and attention to detail.
Of course I would say this even if I didn't love him to bits, his ocd can be a real asset in his line of work.
We spent today running around getting the last bits of the move done and visiting IKEA once more to buy me a new desk and a chest of drawers... because the old ones we had sort of didn't survive the trip.
We also did actual grocery shopping and tomorrow I'll cook my first set of meals and start making lunches again.
Yup, the role of housewife will be played by me for a bit. Haven't done it in years so it is kinda fun and scary at once.

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MichelleH said...

Woo housewife! Despite what many (cranky) people say, I think it's an honourable profession, and it makes most husbands feel very loved! :)