Thursday, March 7, 2013

Doodle 219 - My lady

Well today was quite eventful. I turned in my resignation from the job I have had and loved for the past 4 years and change to relocate to central Florida, where Andrei will start a new job in just a couple of weeks.
We are at the brink of starting a brand new chapter of our life, but unlike those many years ago when we were alone and trying to make it, we now have awesome friends who have helped and continue to wow us with their generosity and assistance finding where to live, etc.
I will miss my team dearly, after so many years we have bonded and become family, helping each other through impossible deadlines and so many campaigns.
Also my bronchitis is back in full force so I'm typing this while feverish and exhausted.
Still,  the drawing must go on and I managed one doodle.  Also I am adding a photo of one of my cat nurses sleeping on my chest and keeping me warm.


Mrsblocko said...

Here's to a new chapter in your life and a speedy recovery!

NatalieG said...

Wow, busy early spring for the two of you; I've been through the 'quit job/move/start new job' routine myself quite a few times in my career. It can be quite a combination of sadness, excitement, and anxiousness all jumbled up together! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, and the inevitable bumps in the road are not too big. And I hope you feel better soon! Bronchitis - yuck! Looks like you have some great furry nurses to help you recover! My 40-lb love-sponge dog would love to lay on my chest when I'm on the couch, but I don't think I'd be able to breathe at all, as much as she thought she may be helping... :)

charissa said...

So sorry you are sick! Feel better soon so you can start your new adventure! Best of luck and lots of joyful vibes sent your way!