Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doodle 233 - Getting Outta Dodge

We have no internets, we turned it all off. Tonight we will be packing all we have left to pack and tomorrow we will hit the road early to embark in a brand new adventure.
It was my last day of work and we had drinks with our friends to say goodbye.
It is a bitter sweet feeling, leaving, but we are overdue for a change and we won't be too far away, so we hope they come by and visit often.
I stole a bit of time away from packing to do a quick doodle. My last Tallahassee doodle.

1 comment:

One Reader said...

I am loving the smoothness that is starting to show in your more recent doodles. It looks as though you might be developing the strength you were looking for with this.
I also like the directionality of this one. It feels like the costume is an extension of the wearer.