Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doodle 336 - Moar Otter Progress

The weather has been dreary lately, it rains on and off most days with thunderstorms thrown in... not gonna lie, it feels a bit like my summer in England, just way hotter and stickier LOL.
Tomorrow I'm off to run around the Magic Kingdom with Andrei to enjoy the patriotic festivities for the fourth of July.
I think I'll take my good camera this time and not just take cellphone pics... unless it is raining, then I'll take me crappy underwater camera LOL.
Anyway, I should have photos for everybody! Also doodles, since I should bring a sketchbook to work on while camping out for good fireworks viewing spots.
Today I worked more on Mr Otter, I still need to do more work on his fur and other highlights.

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