Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sketching it up

I'm sick, somehow I caught a cold, the cold turned into bronchitis and well, I am trying to get better asap because I have a ten mile race next week... look, I thought it was a 10K race when I signed up... 

Am I ready?

Am I giving up?
No. I am going to start it and if I end up being swept, so be it LOL

Anyway, here are a bunch of doodles I worked on for the past 2 or so weeks.
I normally doodle at the cafe in the very early morning hours... and sometimes I fall asleep right in the middle of drawing, but I keep on trying:

Monday, September 16, 2013

The not so complicated case of the disappearing Saudade

Wow... sorry about that, I stepped into the world, the world grabbed me by the foot and took off with me faster than I could say Colepiocephale (try it, do eet!), and I dropped out of the blogosphere.

Now, since I last updated you guys I am happy to report that... I have kept up my doodling! Yay!

Also... I got a job! Double Yay!!!

And the job is with Disney... Triple Yay!!!

I had been working as a freelancer for a bit, but freelancing can be stressful and jobs can take a while to trickle in, so I kept on looking for a steady gig. I applied to everything I saw, got some nibbles, but the jobs were 1 to 2 hours away from my home, and well, Andrei and I STILL share the same ride, so some things just can't be done.

Finally, one day I was contacted by Disney for a nice little design gig (nothing fancy, but I like it), and many interviews, background checks, rain/job dances, sleepless nights later, I landed the gig.

I have been a Cast Member (the official Disney term for employees), for nearly a month now, and I adjusted to the company easily... now my routine, still has some kinks...

Let me preface this by saying: I AM a morning person... truly.

I begin my day at 5, in theory....

In theory I take the dog out at 5:15.

In theory I come back and start the getting ready song and dance by 5:45...

In theory I am ready to leave by 6:15

And then... I wait at a coffee shop close by my office from nearly 7 until around 8, when I go in to work...

Why? Because Andrei gets in to work an hour earlier than I do... so I spend an hour of my day like so:

Ah, such grace, such poise... That's me there... yes... I am asleep in the middle of a deserted coffee shop, clutching a latte, pretending to watch silly youtube videos, plopped on a pool of my own drool... and yes, if you look to your right top corner, that's one of the baristas, they all call me "Andrei"... because that's the name the system pops up on the loyalty point card, and I have been both too socially awkward and asleep to even try and correct it... so from 7:00 in the morning until 8:00 I go by Andrei and I am a narcoleptic.

So, in theory things are working out like that at the beginning of the day, but sometimes I go to bed at 2:00 a.m., sometimes I don't get up until 5:45, sometimes the dog decides doing his bizz is not as urgent as chasing bunnies who... really do NOT care if they get eaten by larger animals, because they just don't run away... which of course makes me late, and then the baristas ask me why am I late?

And I just giggle in a deranged way because... I don't even get to clock in for another hour after that, but I feel like I am late to work when I am actually way early.

Anyway, you wanna know about my job?

My job is pretty cool. I get to browse image libraries filled with some of my favorite things, I get to play with photos and make things look awesome, and I get some pretty sweet perks... like getting into the parks for free, which is going to save me some money, hey, I have a problem, I know, but you have to see Magic Kingdom in the fall, it is so pretty it makes you want to cry... while eating a caramel apple and drinking a pumpkin spice latte as fireworks shoot up in the night sky.

True story.

By the time I get off work I am either on "LETS GO TO THE PARK DAMMIT!!!" mode or "IM SO HUNGRY! I NEEDS FOODZ NAO!" mode...

either way, my evening is gone and by the time I make it downstairs it goes like so:

You can guess I have been putting little to none will power into choosing Room A... also I don't sleep pretty, sometimes I wake up and I look like I am part of a midnight fight club and I just sleep walk my way into matches... and apparently I loose a LOT.

So THAT's what's been going on with me, that and a LOT of social interaction, outings, cool park time and running around to the point that I have destroyed two set of capris I wore all summer and a set of sneakers...

Anyway, I am back and ready to start updating more often.

Let's make it a date then, I'll see you guys here every Monday and Friday!

Now I am off to sleep because I don't want to fall on a pastry and have the baristas laugh at me again tomorrow.